About Moss Patrol
  Moss Patrol is a Puget Sound family owned company providing the best cleaning methods, equally trained staff and the highest quality treatments.

  Owned by life-long Washington resident, Chris Barnett is an expert at extending the life of roofs in the Pacific Northwest. As we all know, our climate is conducive to moss growth and shake decay, so it is important to keep your roof clear of moss and debris through treatments and scheduled maintenance. Our fully trained staff at Moss Patrol can safely use anything, from economically friendly roof treatments to petroleum based wood sealers & colorants, for your shake roofs. 

Friendly Staff
We have an outstanding 4.65 out of 5 Rating with HomeAdvisor Pro (formally Service Magic).
We have a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on our yelp listing.
Our trucks are fully stocked repairing machines equipped with tow-able or truck mounted compressors.
Our primary roof cleaning method is using 125 psi air to remove moss & debris.
Do we pressure wash? You bet we do! We use 1800 psi and 6 gallons of water per minute to get your exterior home surface looking renewed in no time.
What Moss Patrol's customers have to say...
Steve Johnson
I have worked with Chris for numerous years and as  the maintenance director of our homeowners association, I work with only one vendor when it comes to our tile roofs.
Chris w/Moss-Patrol
I was originally afraid to clean my roof because of it's age and how much moss was up there. Thankfully we caught it in time. Chris and Kevin were great. They came out and cleaned the moss and rubbish off of the roof & gutters. They even cleaned my skylights!!! We will be calling again next year for our annual cleaning. Thank you Moss Patrol!
I can't believe that a company like this still exists. Kevin and Michael were just awesome!!! Even though my job probably wasn't on the top of their priority list, they treated me and my family with a lot of respect. They washed all of the mildew off the sides of my mobile home, cleaned my gutters, and even washed off my front deck. That wasn't even in the estimate! So, I thank you Moss Patrol and hope this helps make your business grow and flourish.